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Best Website Builders to Help You Grow Online in 2024: Which One is The Right Pick For You?

Building a website has never been this easy! With an abundance of website builders in the market, you can easily find the one that suits your budget and offers all the features you need! We know how much it can cost to build a website, which is why, in this comprehensive guide, we will cover the 14 best website builders in the UK that are super affordable. Let’s dive in!




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Top 14 Website Builders in 2024: Comprehensive Review

  1. Squarespace – Best Overall Website Builder
  2. Wix – Best for Beginners
  3. Hostinger – Best for Affordable Website Creation
  4. Bluehost – Best for WordPress Website Hosting and Creation
  5. GoDaddy – Best for Small Business Websites
  6. IONOS – Best for Streamlined E-Commerce
  7. Friday – Best for Affordable All-in-One Solution
  8. – Best for Professional Services
  9. Duda – Best for Agencies and Professionals
  10. Elementor – Best for Customizable WordPress Sites
  11. Canva – Best for Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation
  12. Jimdo – Best for Small Businesses and Local Entrepreneurs
  13. Weebly – Best for Personal Websites and Portfolios
  14. Webflow – Best for Web Designers and Developers
Squarespace at a Glance
Specifications eCommerce Functionality, Free SSL,
Free Domain, and Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Features 100+ responsive templates
Built-in AI support
Various tools for managing blogs
Invoice scheduling tool
What can be improved Allow autosave for pages and posts
Allow more customisation capabilities

In our comprehensive review, Squarespace came out as the best website builder overall. From aesthetic templates and innovative features to affordable prices and dedicated customer support – it offers it all.


This popular website builder is known for its suitability for bloggers and writers. If you fall into one of these categories and are looking for a comprehensive provider that is easy to use and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, then Squarespace is for YOU! Enjoy its user-friendly interface, professional templates, and robust blogging tools to build a beautiful and functional website.

Top Squarespace Features You Can Benefit From:

The USP of Squarespace website builder is that it provides 100+ responsive templates. No matter what industry you work in, you can never run out of templates that suit the aesthetic and functionality required for your target audience. 


Another great thing about their templates is that they are customisable. With a section-based drag-and-drop editor, you can move around the elements at your whim and design a website that will look and feel uniquely yours. 


Squarespace also offers built-in AI support. Create crisp and attractive website copy within minutes. Of course, you will have to review it carefully as it’s created through AI. But still, it is a great feature for people whose forte doesn’t lie in creative writing.


As for additional features, the platform offers various tools for managing blogs. These include a Blog App for smartphone management and integration with social media platforms. The blog app allows you to manage your blogs on the go. The integration of social media helps you spread the word and reach your audience.


Another management tool that gives Squarespace an edge over its competitors is the invoice scheduling tool. This feature makes it easy to receive payments for bookings on the website, a great feature for when you start getting more business.


Squarespace offers several pricing tiers: 
  • Personal for $16/mo (Save 30% annually)
  • Business for $23/mo (Save 30% annually)
  • Commerce Basic for $27/mo (Save 25% annually) 
  • Commerce Advanced for $49/mo (Save 24% annually) 
Each plan comes with its own set of features, with the Commerce plans offering full eCommerce functionality for advanced sellers – without any transaction fees.

Why you must consider Squarespace:

  • Aesthetic and functional templates with easy to use interface
  • Attractive features like top-quality commenting, multi-author functionality, and post-scheduling
  • Two-week free trial for users to test the platform before committing
  • Mobile-friendly site builder, as Squarespace offers four apps for editing websites on the go

Why Squarespace might not be the right pick for you:

  • Unlike other competitors like Wix, Squarespace does not offer autosave for pages and posts, which could be a drawback.
  • If you want more advanced customisation options for your website, Squarespace might not be the one for you.

Our Verdict:

For writers and bloggers, Squarespace is an excellent website builder. It offers polished templates and top-notch blogging capabilities. Its blog app facilitates website management while on the go, and social media integration makes website promotion simple.

Squarespace provides four distinct plans, each with varying features and prices. This gives customers more freedom to choose the package that fits their budget while still giving them access to all the essential services. If users commit to these plans annually, they can additionally save up to 30%. Overall, Squarespace is a reliable and affordable website builder.

Wix - Best for Beginners

Wix at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce Functionality, Site Booster and Visitor Analytics, Free Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth
Value For Money Pricey, but its advanced services and features justify the value
Website Builder Features Wix's ADI editor
900 Customisable design templates
Media handling features
Wix App Market
What can be improved Allow users to switch between templates
Offer more affordable plans for budget users

You have to be living under a rock if you aren’t familiar with Wix. Founded in 2006, this renowned website builder has an extensive template library, a user-friendly interface, and powerful features. 


In fact, it’s highly rated for offering comprehensive features that empower users to build a website that is aesthetically pleasing and functions well. Users can build their website using HTML5 along with mobile-friendly versions for optimal viewing experience on mobile devices. 


With over 900 design templates – you read that right – Wix makes it easy to find a suitable design for any website. Need an ecommerce website? Or maybe a fashion blog website? How about an NGO portal? No matter what industry you are tackling, Wix has you covered with its extensive inventory of website templates. 


As for the creation, Wix is praised for its straightforward process. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate the platform. If you are feeling dicey, try the Wix 14-day to check out the platform and decide on a suitable plan.

Top Wix Features You Can Benefit From:

The Wix ADI editor is quite popular among users. This feature makes it really easy for you to build a website. You really don’t have to do much – just answer a few questions about the colour and design you prefer and the types of pages you want, and voila! You will instantly have a template with everything you need in a few minutes. 


The standard Wix editor is another wonderful feature for beginners. Users can browse through over 900 templates and customise using the drag-and-drop tool.


Users can also benefit from Wix’s media handling features. You can upload images and videos from your local files, Google Photos, Drive, Instagram and more. You can also access Wix’s and Shutterstock’s libraries – just type in your keyword, and you will have gorgeous media ready to use. 


That’s not all – the Wix App Market offers hundreds of add-ons that will allow you to enhance the functionality of your site. Some of these add-ons include social media integration and AI-based content creation.


Try all of these premium features with Wix’s 14-day trial period and see for yourself if it’s the right website builder for you!


Wix offers several pricing tiers: 

  • Wix Light plan for £9/mo (Get the basic features)
  • Wix Core plan for £16/mo (Get additional marketing tools and start accepting payments)
  • Wix Business plan for £25/mo (Get standard ecommerce capabilities and more storage)
  • Wix Business Elite plan for £119 /mo (Get advanced ecommerce capabilities, marketing tools, and analytics)

Why you must consider Wix:

  • Access over 900 templates that are highly customisable and offer premium aesthetics
  • Wix supports over 180 languages, making it highly versatile for users around the world
  • Access powerful features and integrations available through the Wix App Market.

Why Wix might not be the right pick for you:

  • Wix doesn’t allow switching between templates. Once you choose a template, there’s no going back!
  • If you are a budget user, then e-commerce capabilities are limited in the more affordable plans. For more features, you will have to upgrade which can be expensive. 

Our Verdict:

Wix is a premium website builder that is highly recommended because of its numerous features and user-friendly interface. Due to its advanced templates, it’s perfect for both novice and seasoned users. Wix offers a 14-day trial for users to test the service. If you are looking for more advanced capabilities, then you can check out their business plans, which might be a little pricey.

Hostinger at a Glance
Specifications Free SSL, Marketing integration, 24/7 Customer support availability, and Free Domain
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features AI web builder
Integration with Google's PageSpeed Insights
SEO-friendly design templates
Logo designer and slogan generator
What can be improved Offer a free trial for budget users
Allow switching between templates

Hostinger website builder is an all-in-one solution for website building. Users can grab all the essential features, hosting services, and 24/7 customer support with affordable plans. It also offers free SSL, marketing integration, and a free domain for one year. 

The thing about Hostinger website builder is that it’s beginner-friendly, making it a great option for newbies or people who don’t have technical knowledge. Its stylish templates are available for users to kickstart website building right away. Worried about customising? The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create professional websites without coding skills.

Top Hostinger Features You Can Benefit From:

Hostinger’s AI website builder is an amazing feature that allows for quick website creation in just four clicks. You can easily customise the template of your choice using the drop-and-edit tool to give it a unique look.


Hostinger goes above and beyond when it comes to SEO-friendly design templates and AI-generated content. They have a finger on the pulse of SEO and thus offer bonus tools for keyword research and performance optimisation. These are some features that give Hostinger an edge over its competitors!


Working on an ecommerce website? Hostinger has got you covered with essential features, such as support for selling products, accepting online payments, managing orders, and using analytics tools. All of these comprehensive and lifesaving features are under one roof – cool, right?


Hostinger doesn’t stop there! It takes website building very seriously with bonus tools like a logo designer and slogan generator – it will definitely come in handy when you are branding your site! Not to forget its integration with Google’s PageSpeed Insights which helps you optimise the performance of your website.


Hostinger’s site builder plans start at £2.59/month and include hosting basics like free SSL and unlimited bandwidth. As the plans upgrade, you get more features and freedom over your site.


If you have a hefty budget, then higher-tier plans are the right pick for you as they offer support for multiple websites. You can access free domain, free email, and advanced ecommerce features without any transactional fees. 


Hostinger offers several pricing plans:

  • Hostinger Premium Plan for £2.59/mo
  • Hostinger Business Plan for £3.99/mo
  • Hostinger Cloud Startup Plan for £8.99/mo


The service has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you want to upgrade your plans or skip to a more affordable one, you can do so easily. 

Why you must consider Hostinger:

  • Hostinger provides plenty of features, including essential ecommerce tools.
  • Since hosting is included in all their website plans, it is a convenient, all-in-one solution.
  • Hostinger’s 24/7 live chat support helps you troubleshoot any issues you have while building your unique website.
  • The service offers marketing integration tools, allowing you to spread the word about your website and reach your target audience!
  • Offers AI technology to design your website automatically, making the process ten times faster and easier.

Why Hostinger might not be the right pick for you:

  • There are no free tiers or free trials available with Hostinger. But they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you want to upgrade your skip to a more budget-friendly plan.
  • You cannot switch templates once your site is live, which can be annoying.
  • There’s no free trial for budget users who might want to test the platform.

Our Verdict:

Hostinger is one of the best website builders for marketers in 2024. It offers comprehensive solutions, all under one roof. It is quite popular for its marketing integration capabilities and other AI tools. If you prefer simplicity and do not require frequent template changes, then Hostimger can be a great option for you!

Bluehost at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce functionality, WordPress friendly, Unlimited websites, and Free Domain
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Large repository of templates Reliable uptime Includes free SSL certificate User-friendly platform
What can be improved Offer monthly billing options Allow switching between templates

For all WordPress geeks, Bluehost website builder is your ultimate destination! This WordPress-friendly and customisable website builder offers eCommerce functionality along with unlimited websites and a free domain. It also provides free SSL for secure browsing, so you don’t have to worry about security issues or leaks.


Bluehost’s integration with WordPress allows for a smooth setup process, even for novices. With over 300 design templates, you have a wide pool of unique designs to pick from. Each of its plans is structured to offer you maximum value. They’ll obviously vary in features and tools in order to cater to the needs of different users.

Top Bluehost Features You Can Benefit From:

Bluehost’s website builder includes drag-and-drop editing, allowing you to customise templates and personalise them. You also get extensive blogging features and eCommerce support to expand and monetise your business.

Plans come with a free domain for the first year and 24/7 expert support to help you troubleshoot your issues. Their support team is reliable and quick on their feet, so you can trust them when you are stuck.

To help you promote your website and reach the right audience, Bluehost offers marketing features and call-to-action buttons, visibly enhancing your website functionality.

If you plan on setting up an e-commerce business, then the Bluehost Online Store solution is worth checking out. With features like WordPress, WooCommerce, and YITH plugins combined for eCommerce capabilities, expanding and growing your business would be easy.


Bluehost’s plans start at £2.33/month but renew at higher rates after the initial subscription period. The Basic and Choice Plus plans are affordable, with basic features and chat support.


Note that the basic plans include essential features like free CDN and WordPress themes, while higher-tier plans offer more functionalities like exclusive store themes, analytics, secure online payment options and more.


Bluehost offers several pricing plans:

  • Bluehost Basic Plan for £2.33/mo
  • Bluehost Choice Plus Plan for £4.31/mo
  • Bluehost Online Store Plan for £7.86/mo
  • Bluehost Cloud Plan starting at £23.99

Why you must consider Bluehost:

  • Brownie points to Bluehost for its large repository of templates with varied design options catering to different categories.
  • The provider offers reliable uptime for website availability.
  • Users can easily switch between Bluehost Builder and WordPress. 
  • All Bluehost plans include a free SSL certificate and free domain, making your life so much easier.
  • Bluehost offers a quick and straightforward site-building process without any bells and whistles that might make it difficult for you to create a site!

Why Bluehost might not be the right pick for you:

  • Bluehost doesn’t provide email accounts in its website building plans.
  • Sadly, once a template is chosen, you can’t switch to another template. 

Our Verdict:

Bluehost is ideal for users who are focused on creating WordPress websites. Its seamless integration and WordPress-friendly features make it a great option for WordPress geeks. Overall, it’s quite a reliable choice for those who prioritise simplicity and essential website functionalities. The multiple pricing tiers offer you more flexibility to pick a plan that suits your needs. And given their stellar record and positive reviews, you can’t go wrong with Bluehost!

GoDaddy at a Glance
Specifications SSL security, Ecommerce plan, Mobile responsive, and SEO tools
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Great 24/7 tech support Affordable subscription plans Easy-to-use platform
What can be improved Offer more customisation capabilities

Another popular giant on our list is GoDaddy, a great website builder that has been around for a while. That alone speaks for its services and success rate. This customisable website builder not only specialises in hosting services but also offers you the ultimate solutions for building your unique site – whether you want to create a portfolio or a full-fledged ecommerce business.


What makes GoDaddy website builder truly unique is its free Websites + Marketing solution. You read that right! This solution offers you basic features indefinitely for free. You can build and maintain your websites without committing to a paid plan, for real. 


The solution is essentially a free trial where you can access premium features for a limited time. Unlike other website builders, once your trial ends, GoDaddy lets you access basic features as long as you want – no hidden conditions or fees.


The basic features you can continue using even after your trial ends include website building, security, analytics, and limited marketing capabilities. You can upgrade to paid plans anytime based on your business needs.

Top GoDaddy Features You Can Benefit From:

GoDaddy’s support ecosystem is really something. It has Extensive PDF guides and 24/7 tech support to answer all your questions clearly.


GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing solution allows you to use basic features for free for as long as you want.


If you feel like upgrading, that can be done too. GoDaddy offers easy upgrading capabilities and competitive pricing with three website builder pricing tiers catering to different needs. These affordable subscription plans have been designed for users with various budget constraints.


GoDaddy’s eCommerce plans offer the necessary features for people who want to start an online store, so upgrading is definitely worth the money.


The platform is easy to use, making it a breeze for beginners to build and maintain their website. Still facing tech issues? No worries! GoDaddy’s 24/7 support gives you peace of mind. 


You can also participate in community forums and live chat support. 


Here are the GoDaddy website builder prices and plans:

  • Website Builder Basic Plan: £6.99/mo
  • Website Builder Standard Plan: £8.99/mo
  • Website Builder Premium Plan: £11.99/mo
  • Website Builder eCommerce Plan: £12.99/mo

Why you must consider GoDaddy:

  • GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing solution is a unique offering not offered by competitors, giving it an edge in the market.
  • GoDaddy offers affordable subscription plans for users with various budget constraints.
  • The platform is easy to use, making it a breeze for beginners to build and maintain their website.

Why GoDaddy might not be the right pick for you:

  • GoDaddy doesn’t allow users the freedom to switch between themes without starting from scratch. Though, they do provide basic customisation capabilities. 
  • The lack of an app market may limit some advanced features. However, GoDaddy’s built-in features make sure you have everything you need. 

Our Verdict:

Overall, GoDaddy is a suitable choice for users who value a website builder with a long-standing reputation. They offer reliable customer support and community forums to make sure all your issues are sorted and you have a smooth experience. It’s recommended for beginners and those looking for simplicity in website building. Their Websites + Marketing solution really stood out to us, and we feel that it’s something a lot of beginners and budget users can benefit from!

IONOS at a Glance
Specifications Mobile-optimized, Free SSL, Free Domain, and Multilingual
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Variety of themes and templates Easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor for customisation Multilingual translation support Powerful marketing tools
What can be improved Offer a free trial for testing Make the interface more user-friendly

The IONOS AI website builder is a great choice for small business owners. Users can access various features like mobile optimisation, free SSL, free domain, and multilingual support. It also provides various subscription plans with different features and pricing.


The website builder is pretty straightforward and comes with intuitive AI technology that helps you build a template from scratch based on your preferences. All you have to do is answer questions regarding your website niches and your colour and design preferences. IONOS’ AI tool will create a fresh, unique template in a few minutes. It also allows you to customise the template and play around with images, fonts, and more. 


If you want inspiration, then browse through IONOS’ vast selection of professional templates. From real estate and restaurant to travel and photography – they have a collection of sleek and highly functional design templates for all niches. Customise them your way and make them uniquely yours. 


Getting started with IONOS’ website builder is easy – in fact, you can have your site ready in just 3 steps. Just pick a template or use the AI Website Generator feature. Customise the template by editing your text, images and design. Once done, publish the site and go live with your e-store. 

Top IONOS Features You Can Benefit From:

IONOS’ vast selection of professional and sleek templates makes it easy to find a new look for your site. They go one step further by organising the templates by industry and type, so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through hundreds of templates.


Customising is easy with IONOS’ easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Good for you; you don’t need any coding skills – IONOS website builder does all the heavy lifting.


Not exactly a wordsmith? No worries. IONOS’ AI Text Generator and Text Improver create crisp website copy and improve the existing one with just a few clicks!


Another unique feature that will come in handy for SMEs looking to scale in future! IONOS offers multilingual translation support. Users can translate their site’s content into 62 languages and even have up to 25 languages on a site. This is a great feature in terms of scalability when businesses start expanding to international markets. 


IONOS Presence Suit is something that will come in handy when you are scaling your business. It’s essentially an intuitive dashboard that gives you real-time updates, easy-to-understand analytics, and more so you can grow your website accordingly.


While IONOS lacks a free plan, the paid options are affordable, starting from £6/month for 6 months in the Starter plan. As you upgrade plans, you’ll be able to access more advanced features.


IONOS offers multiple pricing options for users with all types of budgets:

  • Website Builder Starter Plan: £ 6 /month for 6 months excl. VAT
  • Website Builder Plus Plan: £ 1 /month for 6 months excl. VAT
  • Website Builder Pro Plan: £ 17 /month for 6 months excl. VAT

IONOS’s pricing is affordable initially, but fees increase after the introductory period. All prices exclude VAT of 20% – this percentage can vary depending on your country.

Why you must consider IONOS:

  • An intuitive website builder that comes with SSL, Domain and email.
  • IONOS offers intuitive AI web builder assistance in generating personalised templates, website copy and images.
  • The website builder also offers an intuitive dashboard where you can track your website performance and growth.
  • IONOS offers other nifty bonus features like SEO tools, marketing tools and more for enhanced functionality.

Why IONOS might not be the right pick for you:

  • IONOS doesn’t offer a trial, restricting your freedom to try premium features before committing to them.
  • Post introductory period, the platform increases the prices & fees significantly which can be an issue for budget users.

Our Verdict:

IONOS offers top-quality themes, templates, and design options to users. They really take users’ requirements seriously and try to offer as much assistance as possible – whether through AI assistance or other advanced tools. IONOS, however, is pricey – no way around that. The introductory period is a sweet timeline. But as soon as it’s over, the prices will go up quickly, so budget-conscious users will have to tread carefully. Overall, it’s a great choice for professional and serious websites, particularly for small businesses.

Friday at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce functionality, Web analytics, Multi-language websites, and Unlimited bandwidth
Value For Money Affordable, single plan
Website Builder Features User-friendly interface Huge collection of customisable design templates Easy setup for ecommerce features
What can be improved Offer more pricing options for budget users Allow more customisation capabilities

The Friday AI website builder is a unique one in terms of its single plan offering. Built by programmers and developers, the platform is relatively new but isn’t far behind the popular giants on our list that have been ruling the industry. Friday’s motto is simplicity at its best. They have put everything they have to offer in a single comprehensive plan. This eliminates the pressure and time to choose the right plan for your needs.


The website builder offers ecommerce functionality with web analytics to track your performance and growth. Users can create multi-language websites, a great feature for when you scale, with unlimited bandwidth. 


With only one website builder package available, getting started with Friday is straightforward. The dashboard simplifies the website building process with easy navigation and template customisation options.


Not to forget the AI web builder assistance it provides, saving you substantial time and effort. Friday website builder takes care of your other needs as well – access SEO tools, SSL security, and mobile optimisation. Also, take advantage of AWS hosting, eliminating the chances of hosting bugs and hacked websites!


Coming back to Friday’s single plan, while all features are good and great, the plan is definitely more expensive than competitors. Starting at £39.59/month after the 7-day trial period ends, budget-conscious users might find it overpriced. 

Top Friday Features You Can Benefit From:

Friday offers AWS website hosting with global CDN – that means no bugs or website hacking. Amazon Web Services is the largest global hosting provider, providing peace of mind.


Friday justifies its plan by offering a multitude of advanced features like custom domain, unlimited bandwidth, and SSL security. These features have you covered on all fronts – available all under one roof!


When it comes to growth, Friday supports you with features like web analytics, SEO tools, and image optimisation for improved site performance.


Users can take advantage of the stock image library, AI content assistant, and customisable forms – enhancing the overall functionality of their site. 


With these many features, your online business will definitely scale over a period of time. Friday supports your expansion by offering multi-language websites, blogging tools, and over 40 payment gateways for ecommerce. These are pretty tight features for someone planning to build a flourishing ecommerce business!


Friday’s single plan raises some issues, We advise you to try the 7-day trial to see for yourself if the Friday website builder is the right option for you. Try all the premium features within 7-days and make your decision.


Friday’s single plan strategy is quite unique. While all its competitors are offering multiple tiers, Friday focuses on a mega website building plan priced at £39.59/month.


Users can try the 7-day trial to explore all the features and see if they are worth the value. We advise budget users to thoroughly take advantage of this trial to see if it’s worth stretching their budget. 

Why you must consider Friday:

  • Getting started with Friday’s website builder is a breeze, thanks to the simple drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Friday’s AWS hosting and SSL security make sure your e-store or website is completely secure and functional.
  • Friday’s huge collection of customisable templates allows you to pick a look and feel for your website that is uniquely YOURS!
  • Users can optimise their websites using Friday’s set of SEO tools and provide a smooth viewing experience through mobile optimisation features.

Why Friday might not be the right pick for you:

  • The single Friday plan, while unique, can actually be an issue for budget users. There’s no flexibility or plan customisation available. 

Our Verdict:

Overall, Friday’s website builder is a great platform and is giving tough competition to its competitors, even after being a relatively new player in the industry. In this Friday website builder review, we discovered that it offers a quality and comprehensive dashboard with straightforward features and no hidden agenda. It’s suitable for users looking for a visually appealing and user-friendly website builder. The single pricing plans might raise some issues for budget users. Apart from that, it’s a great platform that users can rely on. at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce functionality, Site Booster, Visitor Analytics, Free domain, Unlimited bandwidth
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features User-friendly site-building system Affordable pricing, especially with discounts Good customer support availability
What can be improved Offer a free trial option for testing Offer a more user-friendly page editor

The AI website builder has been around for more than two decades. This gives them years of insights into users’ minds and their needs. The website builder offers ecommerce functionality and a site booster. Users can also access visitor analytics, free domain, and unlimited bandwidth – all essential features to skyrocket the growth of their website. 


Getting started with is easy, too. It provides a drag-and-drop interface with modular elements for easy customisation. You can play around with various elements like navigation bars, headings, icons and more. With over 150 professionally designed templates, there are plenty of options for various industries. From heavy text-based structures to image-focused designs, users have a good pool of templates to pick from. 


When it comes to pricing, website builder offers reasonable plans with discounts for the first month. A simple but powerful data dashboard helps you monitor your website performance and work on it accordingly.

Top Features You Can Benefit From:

While all website builders offer customisation, it is particularly more fun with Users can rearrange and customise elements and pre-assembled blocks for easy website building.


The user-friendly interface allows beginners to navigate through the features easily, making website creation an easy process. 


Folks looking for ecommerce features can take advantage of’s separate ecommerce plan with standard features. 


Combine these features with AI assistance, and your website will be up and running in no time. Arm yourself with AI Builder, AI Domain Name Generator, AI LogoBuilder, and AI Writer within all the pricing plans. is quite affordable, with three pricing tiers, starting from £3.92/mo. Users can grab an hour of free website design support in all three plans, a feature we haven’t found in other builders so far. 


There’s no free trial available, but the initial commitment is low. Consider that as an affordable trial period, and you will be able to see for yourself if is the right pick for you. 


Here’s a glimpse at the three pricing tiers offered by

  • Website Plan: £3.92/month (Renews at £12.66/mo)
  • Website + Marketing Plan: £6.29/month (Renews at £17.41/mo)
  • eCommerce Plan: £11.05/month (Renews at £23.74/mo)

Why you must consider

  • Users get affordable pricing, especially with first-year discounts.
  • Offers great customer support & quick response times.
  • In this digital age, you need to be on your toes all the time. arms you with essential SEO tools for better site visibility.

Why might not be the right pick for you:

  • doesn’t offer a free trial to test the service. However, you can try their basic website plan, which starts at only £3.92/month.
  • If you prefer a clutter-free editor, then’s editor might be a little complicated to navigate for beginners.

Our Verdict:

In this website builder review, it came out as a solid choice for users needing extra support, affordable pricing, and decent SEO capabilities. It may not offer the most advanced features, but it’s suitable for demanding websites. It is well-equipped to handle sites with high traffic, so you don’t have to worry about uptime. Overall, you will have all the essential features you need at affordable prices, at least for the first year. It is, however, recommended to keep the renewal prices in mind as it’s quite a jump from the discounted prices

Duda at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce functionality, Unlimited storage, Multi-language support, and Free SSL
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Over 100 professionally designed templates Advanced design and customisation tools Comprehensive client and team management features
What can be improved Offer more support for lower-level plans

Founded in 2009, Duda is a great AI website builder for agencies, professionals and freelancers. All of their offerings are designed to cater to the large-scale website needs of different types of users. From ecommerce functionality and unlimited storage to multi-language support and free SSL, users get these comprehensive features across four different pricing tiers. 


What sets Duda website builder apart is its intuitive editor that gives precise design control using rows, columns, and HTML/CSS frameworks. Unlike other website builders, it doesn’t use drag-and-drop but provides structured editing options. For beginners, this might seem complicated, but this structure is in alignment with the needs of agencies and professionals. 


Duda also focuses on white labelling, client management tools, and integrations to offer the ultimate experience. Personally, we are quite impressed with how well they cover all angles of a website creation process. 


Agencies with large-scale requirements can benefit from Duda’s stellar client management tools that streamline their workflows like no other. 

Top Duda Features You Can Benefit From:

Duda specialises in catering to agencies and professionals looking for more extensive tools and services. Users have advanced customisation capabilities, including Flex Mode and support for RTL languages. This gives them more flexibility to brand their website as they wish.


The platform pays extra attention to global styles so that you can maintain sitewide consistency. This will also be useful when you scale and tap into various other markets. 


Like other website builders, Duda offers robust ecommerce solutions. A great thing about them is that users can grab paid add-ons. While the pricing plans might seem costly in comparison to other competitors, Duda justifies the value by offering professional-level tools.


As for marketing and promotion of the website, access Duda’s SEO tools that are optimised for Google Page Speed.


The Duda Basic and Team Plans are more suitable for freelancers or beginners. They cover all the essential features to kickstart building your website. 


The Agency and White Label Plans offer stellar professional-level tools, justifying the higher pricing. If you want a personalised plan, you can connect with the support team & build your custom plan with their expert guidance. 


Here are the 4 pricing tiers offered by Duda:

  • Duda Basic Plan: £15.05/mo (1 Website)
  • Duda Team Plan: £22.98/mo (1 Website)
  • Duda Agency Plan: £41.20/mo (4 Websites)
  • Duda White Label Plan: £118.05/mo (4 Websites)

Why you must consider Duda:

  • Duda offers over 100 professionally designed templates catering to various industries.
  • Agencies would appreciate Duda’s advanced design and customisation tools, allowing them more flexibility and control over their website. 
  • Duda offers comprehensive client and team management features so that you can work at scale in a streamlined manner without any hiccups. 
  • Not to forget the powerful AI tools offered by Duda for enhanced functionality.

Why Duda might not be the right pick for you:

  • Unlike most website builders, Duda doesn’t offer free domain in any of its plans.
  • Due to advanced features and white-label services, Duda plans are a little pricey as compared to some competitors.
  • If you are a beginner, there might be a steep learning curve due to advanced features.

Our Verdict:

Duda is a one-of-a-kind website builder and clearly stands out among other competitors. It is an excellent choice for agency owners and professionals who prioritise quality and advanced features. With Duda’s client management tools, website building becomes way easier for all types of users. Given the scale at which they offer advanced services and assistance, the price is quite justified. We believe Duda is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why, if you are a beginner, you might want to check out other affordable website builders.

Elementor at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce functionality, Responsive templates, and SEO-friendly pages
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor Live page editor for real-time design changes Managed storage for WordPress
What can be improved Offer more scalability capabilities for managing multiple websites.
Streamline advanced features for beginners

By far, Elementor website builder is the most unique choice when it comes to the best ecommerce website builders. This is because it’s not exactly a builder but a WordPress plugin that functions just like any other website builder. 

The interface is user-friendly – a drag-and-drop editor allows you to move around elements and check the results in real time easily. Website set-up is simple, too, with a wide range of widgets and templates available. 

With four pricing tiers offered by this customisable website builder, there are plenty of options for individuals, agencies and experts. The basic plan starts at £46.74/annually, an affordable price for 12 months with all the essential features. 

Some top features users can access include ecommerce functionality, responsive templates, and SEO-friendly pages.

Top Elementor Features You Can Benefit From:

With the Drag & Drop Live Editor, your website will come to life with every edit. No coding skills are required! Access 100+ widgets that make your website pretty and your life ten times easier. 


The user-friendly interface allows you to create responsive yet complex website pages with accuracy. We are not just talking about your standard pages. Create product pages, about us, 404, forms and more with Elementor. Or try existing templates and skip building from scratch.


Connect WooCommerce to customise and enhance your customers’ online shopping experience. From integrating PayPal/Stripe to optimising your cart layout and checkout pages, everything is possible with Elementor. 


Design a website for any device, with any layout and that too with motion! All with Elementor’s customisation capabilities like no other!


Users can opt between 4 different pricing plans, starting £46.74/annually. Elementor’s 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you will have the best experience. So, if you are not completely satisfied with the features, you can easily get your money back. 


Elementor offers 4 pricing tiers for individuals, experts, and agencies: 

Elementor Essential Plan: £46.74/annually (1 website)

Elementor Advanced Plan: £78.43/annually (3 website)

Elementor Expert Plan: £157.66/annually (2 website)

Elementor Agency Plan: £316.11/annually (1000 website)

Why you must consider Elementor:

  • Its live page editor allows you to make real-time design changes and check the results simultaneously.
  • Elementor offer 100+ widgets that enhance the look and feel of your website
  • Offers a variety of pages you can create, including forms, popups, and more.
  • Their annual billing is a long-term investment that comes out to be affordable compared to other competitors.

Why Elementor might not be the right pick for you:

  • You can’t manage multiple websites unless you upgrade to a premium plan, which might not be budget-friendly for all users.
  • The intricate interface and advanced features might overwhelm beginners.

Our Verdict:

Elementor is a plugin for WordPress that offers an all-in-one solution for website building. It functions like any other competitor, offering basic features in base plans and more advanced features and functionality in the premium versions. For beginners, Elementor might be a little too overwhelming. But if you are an agency or an expert, this website builder is an excellent choice. And their 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you get your money’s worth!

Canva at a Glance
Specifications Responsive templates, Unlimited storage, and Advanced Customisation
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Versatile design tool 250,000 unique templates Easy customisation of themes, colours, and fonts
What can be improved Offer advanced features such as e-commerce capabilities, blogging tools, and advanced SEO options

Canva is a versatile graphic design tool available on the web and mobile platforms, offering a range of design options for various projects, from newsletters to social media posts. While it’s not exactly a website builder, it offers some essential features that can help you design your website in a few minutes.


Canva’s quality results and intuitive interface make it a valuable tool for creating professional-looking website designs. Its easy drag-and-drop editor allows for easy and quick customisation for beginners. 


With thousands of templates handy, you can never run out of ideas. Advanced users, however, may find Canva lacking in detailed customisation options, but for quick and effective website designs, Canva is highly recommended.


While its interface is quite commendable, the platform still offers limited functionality. There are some features that you just cannot do without like ecommerce capabilities, SEO tools, and blogging tools – none of which is offered by Canva. 


Overall, if you are looking for a platform that will help you create aesthetically pleasing website designs, then Canva is a great option!

Top Canva Features You Can Benefit From:

Canva is quite a versatile design tool that lets you create various visual projects with drag-and-drop functionality. You can play around with themes and colours and move around elements at your whim. 


Lacking inspiration? Canva offers over 250,000 templates, which are waiting to be customised as you wish! What really impresses us is the millions of photos and graphics that are available in the free tier. With such a huge collection of media, you don’t have to wander online to search for that perfect picture.


One thing that really stood out to us was how easy it is to customise themes, colours, fonts, and background images on Canva. While every competitor is trying its best to provide an easy editing process, Canva actually makes it fun.


Folks who want more designing tools and capabilities will find Canva’s Pro and Team Plans, which include premium templates, stock media, 1TB of online storage, and so much more!


Canva offers 3 pricing plans, starting with the basic free plan. The Team plan can be customised by the number of members you want to add. Users can save up to 23% on the Pro plan and up to 16% on the Team plan by subscribing on an annual basis. This can lead to huge savings for budget users. 


Camva offers three pricing options:

  • Canva Free Plan: Canva offers a free plan with access to basic features, templates, and graphics.
  • Canva Pro Plan: £10.24/month (includes premium templates, stock media, resize tools, and more)
  • Canva Team Plan: £20.49/month for first 5 members (adds collaborative tools for team projects)

Why you must consider Canva:

  • Users can create any kind of visual project, including brochures, flyers, posters, social media graphics, logos, infographics, and more.
  • Canva’s intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and customise templates – a feature that will give peace of mind to many beginners.

Why Canva might not be the right pick for you:

  • While Canva excels when it comes to designing capabilities, it falls behind in terms of other advanced and very essential features like ecommerce capabilities, SEO tools, blogging tools, and more. 
  • Advanced users who have more complex website design needs may find it lacking in detailed customisation options.

Our Verdict:

Canva is praised for its simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible to beginners and professionals. A lot of budget users will find its free plan useful, but if you are an expert looking for more advanced designing capabilities, you might wanna check out the premium plans that offer more tools and features. Apart from design, Canva falls behind its competitors due to the lack of more advanced services that are essential in building a website. If you are exclusively looking for a designing app, then Canva will have your back. 

Jimdo at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce functionality, Mobile optimisation, Free SSL certificate, and Plug-in POS integration
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Professional and modern templates Dedicated Logo Designer tool Mobile Optimization Tool
What can be improved Offer more customisation options

Jimdo is one of the few popular website builders that offer a free plan for beginners who want to try their hand at its services before committing to a more premium plan. Users can pick from four paid subscriptions that, as you guessed, offer more advanced features and support. 


With hundreds of professional templates, you can build your website easily without having to start from scratch. From portfolios to photography websites, these modern templates will offer you enough inspiration to create something unique. Also, the modular approach of the website builder allows easy customisation with user-friendly blocks, making it the perfect platform for beginners. 


Unlike Canva, Jimdo website builder offers more advanced tools as well. Under the paid plans, users can access social media integration, SEO tools, visitor statistics, and mobile optimisation. Let’s find out more about these features!

Top Jimdo Features You Can Benefit From:

Jimdo’s most attractive feature is that it lets you build your website for free. Its free plan offers all the basic features that you will need to kickstart your online store or ecommerce site.


Jimdo offers professional and modern templates suitable for portfolios and photography websites. With easy built-in design features, you can upload a logo and images of your own, and Jimdo will alter your website’s theme accordingly. 


Jimdo offers a custom domain under its paid plans to give a professional edge to your website. If you already have a domain, you can use that too.


This is a unique feature that we haven’t seen in many website builders. Jimdo harmonises the website colours with uploaded logos or images, creating cohesive branding.


Mobile optimisation is crucial for any website’s success. With Jimdo’s dedicated mobile editor view, your site will look great no matter what screen size! As for ecommerce capabilities, you can take online bookings directly via your website. This will majorly enhance your website experience!


With extensive support documents and tips for building successful websites, you can find easy solutions to any technical issues you face while using Jimdo. 


Here are all the pricing tiers offered by Jimdo:

  • Jimdo PLAY Plan: £0/month
  • Jimdo START Plan: £9.40/month
  • Jimdo GROW Plan: £15.38/month
  • Jimdo GROW LEGAL Plan: £22.21/month
  • Jimdo UNLIMITED Plan: £38.44/month

Why you must consider Jimdo:

  • Offers a free plan that includes basic features necessary to build your website.
  • Good tech support is available to troubleshoot your technical issues.
  • Users can get unlimited storage space on the premium plans.
  • Jimdo’s interface is simple and intuitive, making it a great choice for beginners.
  • It offers advanced features like mobile optimisation, SEO tools, e-commerce capabilities, and more.

Why Jimdo might not be the right pick for you:

  • The free plan lacks advanced features, which might not be enough for advanced users. 
  • For users with complex website needs, Jimdo’s simple customisation features might not be enough.

Our Verdict:

Jimdo is a solid choice, especially for users who prioritise the design and look of their website without spending much. The free plan is sufficient to get you started but might not be suitable for advanced users. If you are seeking unlimited storage options, ecommerce capabilities, SEO tools and more, then Jimdo won’t disappoint.

Weebly at a Glance
Specifications Ecommerce capabilities, Free SSL, Visitor Analytics, and SEO Tools
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Ecommerce features Analytics tools for tracking website performance App Center with third-party app integrations
What can be improved Responsive customer support availability

Weebly is one of the best e-commerce website builders that offers customisable designs with affordable pricing plans. Their editor tool is extensive, with a drag-and-drop editor, custom fonts, and Parallax and reveal features. You can also edit images and add video backgrounds to design a responsive and appealing website. 


Weebly supports custom HTML/CSS & Javascript so that you can fully customise the elements at your whim. 


Apart from impressive customisation capabilities, users can also benefit from mobile-friendly designs that look and feel good on all screen sizes. With a bunch of SEO tools, you can optimise your site and reach your target audience. If you are looking for blogging features, the post-scheduling and comment settings will seem more appealing. 


Weebly website builder also secures your site through one-click SSL certificates that are provided for free with all plans, ensuring encrypted connections for data security.


The signup process is straightforward as well, requiring only an email address to begin. The dashboard layout is organised, making it easy to customise different aspects of your site, such as fonts, colours, and templates.

Top Weebly Features You Can Benefit From:

Weebly’s drag-and-drop tool is extensive, allowing easy image editing along with video backgrounds and audio insertion. Users who lack coding knowledge will find its intuitive interface appealing. But if you are someone who has knowledge of HTML/CSS, then Weebly supports that as well.


Choose from hundreds of professionally designed themes and templates that are fully customisable and optimised for mobile devices. 


Those building an online store should take advantage of Weebly’s e-commerce features like shopping carts, product pages, and payment gateways. These features will noticeably enhance user experience. 


Once your website is up and running, use Weebly’s analytics tools to track performance and user behaviour. Based on that, you can customise your offerings and improve your online store or blogging site.


Not to forget the SEO tools that include title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword optimisation. Weebly’s app centre with third-party app integrations is also worth mentioning – users can enjoy extra services like email marketing and customer feedback surveys.


  • Weebly Free Plan is £0/month for basic features, including free SSL security, a shopping cart, inventory management and more.
  • Weebly Professional Plan is £11.96/month (billed annually) or £15.38/month month-to-month for additional customisation and unlimited item listings.
  • Weebly Performance Plan at £21.36/month (billed annually) or £27.34/month month-to-month for advanced features like PayPal payments, item reviews, and priority support.

Why you must consider Weebly:

  • The free plan offers all the essential ecommerce and support features that are necessary for building a functional website. 
  • The premium plans cater to different budgets while still offering relevant advanced features.
  • The mobile-friendly design ensures optimal user experience across devices, while the SEO tools are included to improve website visibility.

Why Weebly might not be the right pick for you:

  • Limited design options may not be suitable for highly customised websites.

Our Verdict:

Weebly is recommended for its ease of use, affordable pricing, and suitable features for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. It offers a range of customisation options, security features, and support resources, making it a reliable choice for creating modern websites without extensive technical knowledge. Overall, it’s a good choice for beginners and experts whose website needs are not too complex. 

Webflow at a Glance
Specifications SSL Certificate, Large Bandwidth, and Responsive templates
Value For Money Affordable, multiple pricing tiers
Website Builder Features Organised video library High-level security features Free access to hundreds of templates
What can be improved Allow export of CMS content from Webflow

Webflow is an excellent choice for individuals and professionals seeking code-level control over their websites without coding experience. It offers an organised interface, crash course videos, and unlimited-time free options.


Webflow is one of the best ecommerce website builders and is ideal for agencies, freelancers, and individuals wanting code-level control over their websites. Their set of enhanced features gives you full control over your website’s design, functionality, and growth! Features like Webflow Apps, collaboration features, SEO tools, and multi-language support offer much to unpack. 


The platform also offers extensive resources like crash course videos in Webflow University for learning. This will enhance your user experience and clear any technical issues. With the number of advanced features Webflow offers, these catch courses will definitely come in handy.


Another thing about Webflow worth noticing is the free plan, which is available for unlimited time when trying out the platform. For hobbyists and beginners, it’s the perfect plan that offers just the right features. 

Top Webflow Features You Can Benefit From:

Webflow website builder goes beyond offering templates and provides powerful customisation options to create a highly functional and aesthetic site. Fully customise age structures using HTML elements and CSS properties. Work with Spine, 3D, and Lottie files without doing any coding.


Use Webflow University 101 Crash Course videos to learn how to use the platform. These easy and informational courses will have you navigating the website builder like an expert. 


Use Webflow Apps to connect your site with everyday tools or find and launch apps in the Webflow Designer. 


Try Collaboration features like setting advanced roles and permissions, page branching, and more so that your team can work better and smarter. 


Don’t miss out on the high-level security features that are way more advanced than those of other AI web builders. 


Webflow offers five pricing plans starting with the Starter Plan that is free and allows access to 50 CMS items and 50 form submissions. As you upgrade to the premium plans, you will have access to advanced features like increased bandwidth and more customisable editors!


Here’s a quick look at the freemium plans offered by Webflow:

  • Webflow Starter plan: Free with access to domain, 50 CMS items, and 50 form submissions.
  • Webflow Basic plan: £11.96/mo (billed monthly) with extra site pages and visitor allowances.
  • Webflow CMS plan: £19.65/mo (billed monthly) with website editors, site search, and bandwidth.
  • Webflow Business plan: £33.32/mo (billed monthly) with additional features like more bandwidth and editors.
  • Webflow Enterprise plans are available for users with enterprise needs. Connect with the Webflow team to get the rates. 

Why you must consider Webflow:

  • Webflow offers quick crash course videos in Webflow University for easy learning.
  • Users get an unlimited-time free option to try out the platform.
  • SSL Certificate included for enhanced security.

Why Webflow might not be the right pick for you:

  • You can’t transfer the existing code to the platform.
  • Can’t export CMS content from Webflow.

Our Verdict:

Webflow offers a robust platform with extensive learning resources, an organised interface, and professional templates. While it lacks some export features, the overall experience is positive, especially for those who want to learn website building efficiently. The platform competes well against major competitors and provides a great option for creating high-quality websites with code-level control.

How To Choose The Best Website Builder:

The market is not shy about the many available website builders with distinct features and specialisations. The names we covered are crème de la crème. These builders have been around for a while and are applauded for their offerings. The options are seemingly endless, and it may not be the easiest job to pick and commit to one!


The best way to go about this is to maintain a coherent idea of the intention of your website. Take into account elements like the main focus, the intended design aesthetics, and your budget.


The website builder you pick must offer a user-intuitive interface so you don’t get overwhelmed while navigating the platform. Check if they have aesthetically pleasing and functional templates to help you kickstart your website right away.


See if the builder offers AI assistance like a text/logo generator. These tools come in handy when content isn’t your forte. 


A website needs to reach the right audience in order to be successful. Check if the website builder provides SEO tools and social media integration. Other marketing tools can also come in handy when targeting a specific audience.


In today’s mobile-centric world, be sure the website builder has mobile-responsive templates and permits separate customisation of the mobile version without altering the desktop layout.


The scalability of the website builder is another crucial factor to take into account. Even if your needs right now are simple, plan for future expansion and the possibility that you’ll need sophisticated business tools. 


Most website builders come with free trials, which you can use to check out their features before paying for one. Test several options and then make the right selection that meets your requirements and aligns with the objectives of your website.

How We Test The Best Website Builders:

We approach a thorough examination of the features provided- the user-friendliness catering to novices and experts alike, the overall expenditure involved in website construction, the performance post-purchase, the quality of customer support, and supplementary offerings such as blogging, e-commerce, and marketing utilities to truly assess the merits of a website builder.


Recognising the paramount importance of sanctioning free trials to a website builder without financial commitment, we prioritise the availability of the same when evaluating these platforms.


As part of our methodology, we keenly dissect the merits and demerits of each website builder to provide you with a detailed and unbiased estimation of the best ones. We adhere to the notion that, while no solution is absolutely flawless, a balance of the positives and negatives equips you to select the option that best meets your prerequisites.


These are the top 14 website builders that we will be keeping an eye on in 2024. Each website builder offers a premium experience at varying price points. We advise all users to thoroughly research each and every builder before committing to one. Always look for free trials so that you can get an idea of what you are signing up for! We hope you found this comprehensive review helpful. Stay tuned for more such reviews and recommendations!


Website builders let you create and construct websites without the requisite coding or web development expertise. The builders function primarily on drag-and-drop editors, templates, and other customisations. They assist in website development and related administration for individuals and businesses with less technological proficiency.

Free website builders are favourable for users on a tight budget who want to function on a basic website. They provide a restricted range of features and options for customisation. Paid website builders provide many customisation choices and tools for e-commerce, marketing, and analytics, as well as better performance, security, and customer support. Businesses, e-commerce sites, and individuals seeking more advanced and intricate websites should go for premium website builders.

The cost will vary depending on the selected provider, amenities, and plan. A multitude of website builders give free plans that include fundamental features however they sometimes come with restrictions and incorporate the provider’s branding. The cost of basic plans generally varies from around $5 to $30 per month for simple plans, while more sophisticated plans might cost $50 or more per month. Certain website builders also provide the choice of making a single payment or subscribing annually, which might result in greater cost efficiency over time.