Is ‘The Nun 3 ‘ happening? Director reveals insights on franchise

The resounding success of The Nun 2 has ignited fervent speculation about the potential arrival of The Nun 3.

Released in theaters on September 8, 2023, this spine-tingling sequel, with a reported production budget of $38.5 million, has amassed an impressive $101.7 million in global earnings.

The soaring popularity of The Nun franchise, stemming from its origins within The Conjuring series, has sparked relentless chatter about the possibility of a third installment.

Though no concrete details about The Nun 3 have emerged, fans received a glimmer of hope when The Nun 2 director, Michael Chaves, dropped hints during an interview last month.

Chaves hinted that The Nun 3 could serve as a narrative bridge between The Conjuring (2013) and The Nun 2, offering a fresh perspective on the chilling universe.

While the former unfolds in the late '60s, the latter transports viewers to 1956 France. This temporal disparity lays the groundwork for The Nun 3 to step in and expand upon the narrative.

With The Nun 2 leaving some narrative threads untied, the possibility of The Nun 3 remains 

However, the fate of The Nun 3 could hinge on the upcoming release of The Conjuring: Last Rites, a film that may provide the much-anticipated "full circle" Wan envisioned. If this materializes, The Nun 3 might not materialize as expected.