The Best PS5 Games


It’s hard to encapsulate everything that makes Elden Ring such a monumental game in a short blurb, but let’s try: at the core of it all is Elden Ring’s incredible sense of freedom and discovery.


God of War Ragnarok is hands down one of the easiest games to recommend to anyone asking what game they should play first on their PS5.

God of War Ragnorok

Man Reading

The Last of Us Part I is arguably the best way to experience the story Naughty Dog was initially told back in 2013.

The Last of Us Part 1

Open Hands
Open Hands

Returnal is a trailblazer of sorts. Roguelikes have long been one of the most popular genres on the indie scene, with games like Spelunky 2, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil has never shied away from the mystical and supernatural, and Village leans into those themes more than any entry in the series to date.